Long Live The Days
Mia Boyle: vocals, rhythm guitar, mellotron
Johnny Sangster: Engineer/Producer
Maggie Bjorklund: Pedal Steel
Marcus Piña: Bass
Rob Dent: Drums
Eric Rover: Trumpet
Alicia Dara: vocals
J.R. (Jennifer Rhodes): Vocals
Fiia McGann: Vocals
Laurie Goldston: cello
Jason Staczek: piano, organ
Recorded at Chroma Sound 2009
Song Titles
1) Old Flowers
2) The List
3) Rearrange
4) Over and Over
5) For What It's Worth
6) Walnut Trees
7) The Fall
8) Nowhere In Sight
9) Someone Saved My Life Tonight
10)From The Hills
11) Love
12) Long Live The Days
13) The Hardest Part Is This

"The List"  -- from Long Live The Days

Collaboration with experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes: sound
begins at 00:13.

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